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Tahoe Production House was asked by Four Count Concepts and “The Connor Party” to produce a show for them.

Have you heard of It’s an online concert venue where performers can broadcast live and interactive experiences directly from a laptop, while offering unique fan experiences that are never archived. Performers can make money by performing, and can be in any location. The fans get to know their favorite performers, and get to request songs, tip, and make comments, as well as meet other like-minded fans. Because it’s virtual, you can watch the concert in your underwear.

Born and raised in Skaneateles, New York, Adam and Jeff Connor were raised with the voices of Bob Marley, John Prine, and Jackson Browne singing through the house. These recordings sparked a musical interest in the brothers from a young age. In eighth grade, the younger of the Connors, Adam, rocked the middle school talent show with covers of Cream’s, “Crossroads,” and, Jimi Hendrix’s, “Voodoo Chile.” Jeff and Adam soon grew into a garage band, playing together around Skaneateles. Jeff went to school in Ithaca, and he and Adam played shows there in a few different bands. When Adam left for college in Burlington, Vermont, he soon formed a college band that played throughout the town. Jeff, upon graduating from Cornell, decided to spend time busking across the country. You may have seen him playing in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, Miami for the Super Bowl, or San Francisco for the World Series. Now, the brothers have reconnected. They spent a winter serenading the Lake Tahoe ski crowd with Thursday night performances at Basecamp Pizza. Now, they have decided to bring The Connor Party to the bright lights of the Internet.

Watch the Promo Here

“This show was exciting for Four Count Concepts, as it introduced a new way to get our artists on our label heard in the Music Community. We were also very impressed with Tahoe Production House’s studio set up and the amount of elements we were able to walk away with after the show. Not only did we get a 30 minute video of the show, we also got content for our website, YouTube channel, and social media channels. All of the production from the audio to the video was top notch quality!”

–      Ike Martin, Producer – Four Count Concepts

Take a listen to one of the tracks recorded from the show live here:


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