Anderson's Bicycle Rentals – The Original!

Tahoe Production House just wrapped production on a Website Video for Anderson’s Bicycle Rental here in Lake Tahoe.  We had a blast.  We got to use all of our toys including our DJI Phantom Inspire, multiple GoPros, and BlackMagic Cam for the shots!  Check out the segment below!

About Anderson’s Bicycle Rental:

Anderson Bicycle Rentals History

The Bike Rental was Opened in 1978 By August and Bridget Anderson Currently owned by Doug and Sue Anderson. in 1995, Doug purchased the rental. He Managed Anderson’s Rental since it opened in 1978.

Today, we are proud to provide your family with the hospitality and quality experience. We treat everyone as “family” and hope to bring good memories for the years to come, full of the many memories and fun sites to see along our prestine paths in South Lake Tahoe.


By brandi