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Recently we had a previous client reach out to give their current website a refresh.  Funny thing was, they liked their current design and layout of their website, but because it was done so long ago, some of the plug ins and features had started to not function the way they should.  Also, each of the dogs on the website linked out to a .net website from a long long time ago that had pedigree information, photos, and particular dog news, and our client wanted to delete that domain and push everything to one website.

It was an undertaking,  but the first step was to redesign the website on an updated theme and pull all the current information over to the new site.  Then, we had to take all the information from the old .net website, and put that onto the new website in a way that made sense.  Overall, we are very happy with the way it turned out, and now our client only has one domain/hosting as well as great backups and security.

Take a look as some screenshots below:


Radost Borzoi Philosophy

We have delved and studied this magnificent breed since 1980.  Our first Borzoi was not acquired until January 1997 and since then we are proud to have bred six litters, with hopefully one more on the way.  We have owned, co-owned top conformation, Specialty winning Borzoi, as well as Therapy Borzoi, Canine Good Citizen Borzoi, lure-coursing, tried agility, Rally-O and wonderful companions!    We took an oath, with our parent club, Borzoi Club of America, to make an effort to better our breed.

This is what we strive for at Radost Borzoi Kennel:

  • Health & Longevity
  • Temperament
  • Soundness / Balance
  • Conformation / Structure
  • Selection of Good Homes

To learn more about the Borzoi Breed Standard & Borzoi Code of Ethics, visit the following websites:

Borzoi Club of America – Breed Standard

Borzoi Club of America – Code of Ethics

Prima with her Momma Lynda

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